I want to change the design and redesign it the website with the same pages name

My name is Riya Kapoor and i am an independent escort in mumbai, I have made my site https://www.riya-kapoor.co.in using bootstrap template. I have tried inlining the css in the page html code. But unfortunately after doing this the visibility of the page gets changed and the images, links content got distorted.

I would like, because of that keywords positions of the website is not going well. Now I would like to know. If I will design the website again on the same plateform bootstrap, than will it be harm on my website keywords ranking or not.

Yes. It will haem your ranking kws

If you have anyone’s solution. Then tell me. I also want to change for my websites.
Please check my sites and suggest me the best theme

Thanks in advance

This is also my website.