I want my songs organised


I’ve just purchased a Sansa clip for my dad and put some songs on for him. The clip works fine, but I tried to change the names of the artist so the songs of 1 artist will appear together (now I have 3 maps for the Beatles: ‘The Beatles’, ‘Beatles’ en ‘Beatles, The’. I’ve changed all the names, but when I start the clip the names are still wrong.

Does anyone know how to fix this???

Are you changing the ID3 tags?  That’s what the Clip uses, not the filenames.

I think I’ve only changed the songnames, where can I change the ID tags?

There’s some minimal info. in the Users Guide:  right click on the song; Properties; Summary; Advanced; change the information there.  Easier, in the end, if you have any great amount of tags to change:  get a (free) ID3 tagging program and use that to edit your tags; they can mass edit tags.  Examples:  MP3Tag; The Godfather (both available free on-line).

Hey, while using MTP mode I had a problem that may be an answer (but not a solution) to this: Several times I changed the tags with Windows Media Player and if the songs were already in the Clip they didn’t get updated. I dragged them again to force an update and this worked only sometimes. Other times WMP said ‘Updating information’ (or something like that) when synchronizing but when I went to see what was in the Sansa the songs still had the old tag. Sometimes even the tags of the Clip files said one thing from within WMP and another thing in the Clip screen. I tried to update manually with WinAmp, but I think it was worse.

The bottom line: I went (back) to MSC mode, batch-tagging with mp3tag and updating (comparing) the contents with TreeComp (it’s a great application, BTW).