I think you guys should really recall this product

As I’ve seen on here everyone is having the same problem. Is this what you guys call a joke? I really dont see it as funny if so. This mp3 just is messed up.Very messed up.It was great the first day or two for me but after that it was horrible and frustrating. Im going go to best buy today and see if I can get it replaced even though I dont have the origanl packaging or the reciept.uugh thanx for making me believe that it would work!

The Sansa isn’t the only mp3 that’s suffering. If you look on the internet and even in this forum, you’ll see that there’s pretty of issues going about. You saying that the SE needs to be recalled means that most mp3s like the e200 or m200 series are in the same boat.

My previous sansa  never died yet. It’s still going. But at the same time, my ipod broke. So it depends.

Second thing that’s intresting is that most of the electronics that break, their owners are mostly techies.
Sad isn’t it?

Please try the suggestions in your previous post -  http://forums.sandisk.com/sansa/board/message?board.id=express&thread.id=230

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Recall?  Come on, be serious.  Companies practically have to be forced to recall products that cause flaming death.  This thing has a possibly above average rate of bricking, and some quirky functionality.  If your sansa is dead, return it.  If you are annoyed by some of its “features”, either return it or wait for firmware to fix them.