I think play mode doesn't work as it should

I’m a new Clip Zip owner and recently complained to tech support that if I selected a particular folder, after the player finished playing the music in that folder it would simply stop! (Who would want it to stop? Certainly not a runner.) Tech support said it shouldn’t work this way, and recommend I upgrade the firmware to 01.01.18A (which I did, and later to 01.01.20). True enough, the player no longer stops at the end of the folder. Now what it does is wrap around and starts playing again at the beginning of the folder?

Say what?? Why would I want to listen to the same album over and over again?? (especially when I have over a hundred albums loaded onto my SDcard). Of course what I want it to do is simply to advance to the next folder in sequence.

To be fair, I have sort of figured out a way to do this. First I select “folder” mode, but then instead of selecting a particular folder, simply select “Play All”. Indeed the player starts at the first folder, plays the music, and then goes on to the next folder in sequence - pretty much like I said I wanted.

But there is still a rub. There is a good chance that eventually I will accidently select some other mode. Then when I go back to folder mode, and Play All, it will start at the very beginning again. Imagine if I have already played folders 1-63. What could I do? Listen to all 63 albums again? What are the chances I could actually hear all my music this way? Of course I could get to album 64 buy hitting the forward button like around 1000 times until I get to the album I want, but who has the patience for that?

Perhaps the designers didn’t imagine that users would put so many albums on the player at once. But now that 32Gb cards are quite reasonable in cost, it’s trivial to do. Or maybe they figured everybody would be using the shuffle mode. Personally, I rarely want to to randomize the music, preferring instead to listen to each album in its entirety. (And by the way, I’ve used a few other mp3 players, and I haven’t had this kind of problem).

I haven’t seen other users complaining of this. Am I just weird? Or perhaps I’ve missed the boat entirely and there is an easy way to do what I want that I have yet to discover?

Thanks in advance for any enlightenment you may provide.


Whats your Problem?

Sample: Folder on SD Card


Album 1

Album 2

Album 3

Album 4

Browse to Dido Folder and Play all. Now all Subfolder will play and Stopp on latest Song in Folder. Album 4

For Repeat go Settings and Repeat on. Will Repeat all Dido.

For play all Folder in Music, Browse to music and Play all.

Make the Player Off while Playing and make it on, the Player will continue. Not begin from Start

Firmware 01.01.20p

The OP is correct that the player does not do auto folder advance, apart from using the “Play all” option.  It would be nice if it did.  But it doesn’t.  The “Play all” option is the next best thing.

Note also, though:  if I remember correctly, you also can create a Golist playlist of folders that you would like to play.