I think it died. Should I have done more to save it?

A friend got a 4 GB Fuze from Sears for just $50. I had recommended it after buying one myself (but with an 8 GB MicroSD card, too).

I was putting MP3s on it this evening, when I began getting a “[file name] could not be placed on the device. You do not have permission to create this item” message.

I looked this error up online, and read that I should switch the USB mode to MSC. I disconnected the Fuze to do just that, and on its little screen appeared a brief message about not having enough memory or something (but there was only about 900 MB of stuff on the Fuze at this point). Then the screen went black, and the Fuze would not turn on at all.

I read about reseting the Fuze by holding the power switch up for 15 seconds (or a minute, depending who is writing). That didn’t work.

The computer no longer recognized the device as anything other than a flash drive. It could not communicate with it at all.

I told my friend to take it back to Sears and exchange it for another.

From what I’ve read, defective devices are making it to market, and failing reset is a death sentence.

Was there anything else I could have done?

Wow.  That’s tough.

I’m not aware of any fixes for an issue like that.  Maybe one of the experts can help.

Did you try another computer, and try removing the micro SD card?

No, my Fuze has the MicroSD card in it and is still working. The one that died belongs to a friend and only had the 4 GB internal memory.

I did not try another computer.

I’d recommend trying it on another computer (preferably Linux, never had a problem there, Mac OS X computer; almost every time I connect mine to a Windoze computer, I end up having to reset). If you can get it to turn on at all, you’ll need to switch it to MSC mode to use it on Linux or Mac. If using Windoze or Mac isn’t an option, your best bet is Windoze XP (as far as Windoze goes, this has given me the best luck).

I have Windows XP PCs at home and at work, but it doesn’t matter–the computers aren’t communicating with the device, anyway.

I’m sure my friend is returning it to Sears for an exchange this weekend, so I’m done with this particular device. I was hoping for possible solutions in the event this happens again–I just bought one of my kids a blue 4 GB Fuze for a birthday gift.