I simply want to play my ripped disks continuously in order

I’ve been using SC products for years, borrowing books on CD from the library, ripping them to mp3 on my comp and transferring them to my player. Now I can’t find my whole book, although it shows up *in my player* as present if I look at it on my comp. Same files, same size of memory used. So the book is in there…

This player presents me with limited options–I don’t understand it. All I want to do is look under Artist in Music, click on the title of the book and have it play all the way through, as my other clips have done. What it did with one book (here’s an example) is play one disk of tracks. Period. I can’t even find the other tracks although I know they’re there.

FYI, I use Jackie Franck’s Audiograbber to rip. In the past I open the Music file on the linked player, and the Music file on my comp, and either “copy” or “drag ‘n’ drop” the book’s file onto my player.

I title disks like this as I rip them: Artist = Title, and Album = Title 1, Title 1,Title 2, on up to Title 9 and then I start with Title 9B, 9C etc. I hope I’m making myself clear.

Thank you in advance for any advice.

Are you planning to play these audiofiles using FOLDER mode or AUDIOBOOK mode?

For Folder mode, you need to use 2-digit prefixes as part of your filenaming plan

For Audiobook mode, you need to use 2-digit track numbers as part of your mp3 tagging plan