i see that it eats too much batteries, USB power works ?

want to get this for my daughter, but i see people complaining about too many batteries.
Knowing my daughter, i want to make sure, i can run this on USB (thru PC or thru’ wall plug) power, any idea ?


I don’t think so, you could always just buy some rechargable batteries though.

I don’t think the player will playback while connected through USB.

Rechargable batteries may be your best bet.

You can conserve battery life, by also using Headphones as well.

I also try to conserve batteries by using Shaker to load songs using USB (waste of batteries).   I use a media card reader on the computer (powered by PC) to write files and return media card to Shaker when loaded.

Earphones appear to help too (as well as making sure kids turn off unit when done).