I reported about it, but received ----- stories from Sansa forums.

I reported and reported and stuck to my guns about Sandisk and eventually Zune doing away with non-OEM video support. My Fuze played non-OEM video files, files that were not converted in SMC, and then after reading about Sandisk and eventually Zune severely restricting video playing on their DAPs, my Fuze stops playing those very same files after I update it with a newer firmware.

I told about this in the Sansa forum and people did their PR thing and tried to make me out to not know what I was talking about.

I use to have three Zunes, a Zune 80. Zune 8 and Zune 30. Every single one of them played my MPEG-4 files perfectly and flawlessly. Those files were converted with a 3rd party converter. I traded the Zune 30, broke the Zune 80 and didn’t use videos on the Zune 8 because of space limitation. I recently bought another Zune 30 and tried to load those very same video files…the ones that loaded and played flawlessly on the older Zunes…and they won’t load without Zune software first converting them!

Now…you PR people…go ahead and try to maker it out like I don’t know what I’m talking about. Try to make it out like I never did play non-OEM files on these DAPs.

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What is “non-OEM video”?

Also, you should edit your topic title. Profanity is frowned upon.