I replaced my Express with Zen V Plus

Well, don’t know when the RMA Express would show up or
how it would behave  … so I was at Fry’s Electronics by pure
chance, studied what they had, played with a Zen V Plus demo model
on the floor, decided I could operate it one handed, and went for it.

They had the 4G Zen V Plus for around $109. I went for a list price
on a 8G. I needed something now for a trip. (Rio Riot has just
gotten too flakey, and it counts as a carry on :smileyvery-happy:)

Zen V Plus  4G (if you can find one) costs about the same as the Express
with a 2G microSD card (the Express is more once you spring for a Sandisk
card to replace your Kingston after the upgrade to 01.01.01A, buy shipping
mailer, copy RMA materials, drive to UPS center, etc etc.)

Zen V Plus has everything the Express has, and a lot more. It has bookmarks
for Audible Books (I don’t audible book, but a friend does, and they asked about
this and the Express). Zen has on the fly playlists. It has lots of shuffle modes.
It has cable, but it is a standard usb connector … no microSD support. Maybe
that is a good thing.

It has a HARD RESET recessed switch. Which has come into use once when
WMP 11 tried to sync everything on my laptop (40G of mp3, jpegs (mostly work),
and videos).

It supports MS Outlook. Has a clock mode. Even a configurable main menu system
(put the clock up there if you want). Will store datafiles. Even allows rotating the
screen. Alarm clocks. And really the same size, just  different form factor.

Perfect? Well, so far player and owner have quickly come to a reasonable peace.
(Now to embed album art in every MP3 and get them all arranged correctly … my
first player that can do Album art. Which required a patch for the software from
Creative. And NO, I am not going to update the firmware! :smileyvery-happy: )

I may have bought the Express (ordered the 2G) because the local store had the 1G
and I could actually see one. Live and learn. Fry’s had the Express 1G and 2G … to
big a chance to risk a 2nd one.

Probably will never use all the features on the Zen V Plus … and that was part of the attraction
of the Express … but instead of being “better value” it was just more difficult.


The Zen V Plus runs on the same chipset as the Sansa Express. If sandisk would just make it better, it could be just a good as the zen but only smaller.