i ordered CD and it doesnt work

i called sandisk to ask for a Media Converter and i got a memorex CD-R disk that u can get from walmart, i put it in and it says blank CD so… What up with that

it should have a copy of media converter on there, if it doesnt, it looks like they made a mistake. I saw the converter online before, someone was hosting it. If i run into it again, I’ll be sure to save the link.


Is there a link somewhere to get it???


somebody hosted it online, but sandisk doesnt have an official one. Nor would they suggest you use someones filehosting service, but hey… whatever works.

You can use a demo version on the arcsoft website while you wait for one in the mail. The demo is for like 14 days, more then enough time for it to arrive.

But to honost, pictures on the c100 arent that great. But hey… its your stuff.