I need to listen a specific kind of music in a specific time?

Hi everybody,

I have a little question, and i’m sorry to ask this kind of “dummy” question, i’ve always have old MP3 player and this kind of new player is so fantastic that I don’t understand few thing.

I have 2 type of MP3: music and humorist.

What I want by default listen my music in random and DON’T listen the humorist one.

So, what can I do to listen music and when I want, listen only the humorist one? Can I tag or tell the Fuze to play this kind of music and don’t have the other in her playlist (or wathever the solution)

Thanks alot!

You cold make 2 separate playlists; one strictly containing music and the other one for your humorist. This would be the only way to accomplish what you’re describing that I know of.

There are a few other methods to separate spoken word from your music that might work for you.  The comedy can be loaded onto a µSD card kept separate from your music.  If you wish to use the “random” feature, with the card removed, you’ll hear only music.

Secondly, you can eliminate the spoken word files by using the genre mode, selecting a specific genre like “jazz” or “rock”.  Files shuffled will only be from the selected genre.

Thirdly, you can change the genre of your humor to “podcast”, and the Fuze will place all of these files with podcasts, separate from random music.  The “audiobook” genre is a possibility as well.

To change the genre, use MP3Tag, the coolest tag editor since the invention of beef jerky.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

The “podcast” solution might be great… but 2 questions:

1- How can I put my humorist MP3 into the “podcast” section

2- If I listen music in “random”, does the “podcast” will be play or the random is only for “music” section?


I like the genre solution myself.  Keeps my music nicely segregated so I can listen to what I want when I want.

It would only be better if I could have tags with multiple genres.  I don’t think even Rockbox can do that (can it?)