I need some advice on possible fake Sandisk 32gb micro SD cards

Here’s my little story.

I found this website offering Sandisk 32gb micro SD cards for cheap, I mean like $10 each cheap. I was super excited, although that changed after finding out about these fake micro SD cards about 3 days later. I heard all the stories about these Chinese scams. Worst part was, I unfortunately ordered my Sandisk 32gb micro SD cards from China as well. After I received the package I thought they’re all going to be junk and that I’m going to have to issue a dispute…Well, I did some testing and found out that these little fudge cookies (pg-13) could hold around 31.2gb O.o…They also worked on my phone as I recorded video and took photo’s. I’ll show you some pics of my testing and you tell me if they’re actually the real deal or am I going to be expecting some nasty surprise later in the future?

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3