I need help.

I have sandisk 1612788. Whenever I turn it on, and press the middle (to choose it) it won’t let me. It keeps like, choosing other objects. I tried to press all the other buttons so it can select what I want, but I can’t. Help?

Google turns up this thing: http://www.retrevo.com/s/Sharper-Image-1612788-MP3-Players-review-manual/id/23730ci854/t/1-2/ Is that what you have?


Is your device actually marked “Sandisk”? That doesn’t appear to be a Sandisk player.

It’s not a SanDisk player. And with only a 1 star rating out of 7 reviews, I don’t know why anyone would buy it.

Idk. On the back it says “The Sharper Image.”

Oh, it just gets better.  That part / model number, when entered into the current Sharper Image web page,  is a dead end as well.

Best bet, look into a genuine Sansa player, they are inexpensive, built well, have a full warranty, real in-person customer service via phone or chat, even help from us knuckleheads right here!!

Sorry about the Sharper Image player, simply chalk it up to experience, and use it as a doorstop or a lighted coaster.  I just saw a lighted skateboard on their site.  Oh, my.

Going to the Consumer Electronics Show each year, it’s fun to sneak over to the “widgets” areas in the convention center. Having a “manufacturer” badge on can get some strange reactions, as suppliers will buzz you like bees around an open soda can.  I have always wondered who actually buys some of those oddball products for distribution.  So many unknowns.

With a Sansa, you can expect quality, and great support.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: