I need help with playing music on my Fuze to my PS3.

I have a 4GB Fuze with a 4GB External micro SD card. My Fuze also has the latest firmware update, is currently in MSC USB mode, and when I connect to the PS3, the Fuze is shut off. My PS3 recognizes all my music on my 4GB EXTERNAL SD card and it also recognizes my INTERNAL MEMORY on my Fuze. My files on my EXTERNAL card play and were copied on my PS3’s HDD with no problem, but when I view my Fuze memory, it shows no files. This is a very aggravating problem. I want to copy all of my music onto my PS3 without having to copy all my songs from my Fuze to a USB stick and then copying them to the PS3’s HDD. If anyone has any suggestions they would be greatly appreciated.

The PS3 may not be smart enough to look in sub-folders (like Music in your internal memory). Try moving an album out of music onto the root directory–the drive letter that says Sansa Fuze on your computer–and see if the PS3 finds it.