Hi I really need some help. I am having problems with my E260. I experienced a few problems. The first problem was when I “drag and drop” music but in the player appears wrong archive. I thought it was a problem with the mp3 files but no. After that I copied music again and have no problems… until I tried to delete the files, it stopped and gave me no answer. I disconnectted from the Pc, then the E260 was tilt, I thought “If i reset the player it will be back again”. The player came back but when I went to the music folder (connected) I found one folder with the name of a singer that I copied but there were no songs and I couldn´t erase it, it showed a couple of folders with no name and files with a square. After that I entered the Recovery mode and copied the sansa.fmt, the files dissapearred but the folder is still there and I can´t erase it, it has abut 80MB. I think that is some kind of virus, or a crash problem consequence, I also tried to format it by Windows but I couldn´t. I want to know how can I erase that folder or format the E260. I hope someone help me! Thanks

Have you tried formatting the player?

Yeah thanks, in a first moment I couldn´t do it but I did it in a second try, and after that the problem was end! :slight_smile:

yay!! Good to hear that your player is working now :smiley: