I need help about updates

Ok first off I am a old man I am doing this for my daughter. She bought 2 of these things something fuse 4GB what ever that is. The one she said is mine downloaded just great but hers comes up code 1003 or 1005 some how I got to a page that said how to do it manually it said something about a root what is a root. Can some one give a old man that doesn’t under stand comp the easy way to do this. Like step by step. Thanks

The manual update is easy. Just follow the directions. A root is the top folder that contains the subfolders. Think of an upside down tree. The root on the Fuze is the folder that contains the music folder and the photos folder.


Root is the top folder containing Music folder.

Don’t use Sansa Updater, do it manually.

The root directory is the basic drive letter for the device. It’s a different actual letter depending how many things are connected to your computer. 

The root directory on your computer, holding Windows and all the programs and subfolders, is C:.

When you connect the Fuze it shows up in My Computer (or Computer in Vista) with a drive letter: might be E:, F:, G: (all saying Sansa Fuze). Just drag the files into the drive–don’t put the files into any of the folders within the drive. 

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