i need away to modify the equailzer on this sansa clip sport.

Hi there, sense rockbox won’t support this sansa clip sport. i’m looking for way to modify the equailzer to hgih heart frequency. please don’t say no yet untill we have sulation to this problem. i need a paremetic equilzer for unlimited use to my frequency’s so i can update the equailzer. where are this file for the equailzer so i can set it to high heart frequency… can you please help me?

I don’t think you can do that.

For what its worth, if you need features like this, the Clip Sport is probably not the right MP3 player for you.  The Clip Zip or Fuze might be a much better choice.  

i need up to 25 hrs of battery power that’s why i pick this one. but i will look into others that you have suggested.

If you can’t charge overnight, you might try an external charger to add to your Clip–many fine ones out there that would work just fine, and with sales at this time of year, I’ve been seeing them as low as $4.