I love my 8 gig E200 but ...

Why are the ear buds made for the Jolly Green Giant :angry:  They just won’t fit in my teeny tiny ears :smileyvery-happy:

Yeah, I didnt like the earbuds that came with my e280 either. I just went out and bought some better ones.

What kind did you buy ?  I think these sound great but they really hurt my ears :cry:

I picked up a pair of the Philips HE592 Surround Sound ear-phones.  They were really pricey during Christmas last year, but now they’re CRAZY cheap…and wicked, wicked comfortable.  The sound is exactly what they promise and the wiring is STURDY.  I have two little guys that are constantly pulling on them, dropping them and all kinds of other nonsense and they just keep on going.  JVC has a new “Gumy” earbud that supposedly more comfortable, and in the same price range a my Philips, but they looked too much like the ones I got with my e250 and I just don’t trust those any more.  They ALL hurt from my experience.

Shop around though…and pay close attention to anecdotal evidence backing up manufacturers claims.  My experience with these things is that you get what you pay for…pay under $10 and you’re going to be in PAIN and get no enjoyment from these fun little gadgets.