I know this may be a dumb question...

…but, I need to get this cleared up.

Everywhere I look, (on Sandisk’s website, retailers’ sites, etc…) , the Clip is listed as having a “digital FM tuner”.  That’s not the same thing as an HD radio tuner, is it?  The reason I ask is because all other MP3 players I’ve been researching list their tuners as “fm tuners”, but they don’t make the distinction of adding “digital” in the description, even though the tuner’s display is digital.  I just need to remove that doubt.  If anyone could let me know, I’d greatly appreciate it.

Nope, the Clip’s FM tuner may be digital but it’s not HD.  Just the regular FM stations that we all grew up with.  And for me, I’ve found that it works well.

And be glad that FM radio isn’t going through the same metamorphsis as NTSC television.  Can you imagine needing a converter box for radio on your Clip?

The FM radio carrier will include digital information, with an analog signal component, meaning that your radio won’t go dead (no more analog signal).  AM radio is going to undergo the same change, reverse-compatible.  Hopefully, it will be more successful than the ill-fated AM stereo in the 1980s.

Bob (watching over the pond, following the BBC digital radio progress there)  :smileyvery-happy: