I know how to put a song on WMP but is there an easier way to put multiple songs at the same time?

is there and easier way?!

You need to be more specific. Its hard to know exactly what you are trying to do. Are you trying to load your player or populate your library in WMP?

OMG! okay so i have TONS of song . . . OKAY?! i want to put them on WMP because Rhapsody doesnt play the whole song EVEN after you download it! so what im asking is there a simpler way to transfer multiple songs at a time on to WMP? do you get it?

Thats exactly what I needed to know! Thank you.

In WMP 11 go to the Library Tab, click the little white arrow below it, then go to Add to library, when the window pops up make sure that “My folders and those of others that I can access” is checked and click OK, WMP will search your computer and add every song it finds to your library.

OKAY!!! thnx soo much(: