I just got a Connect.. specifically for Internet Radio. Question please...

Okay, it has firmware 1.01.27236r and internet radio works fine.  I am aware of the limitations for the microSD card and the fact that it lacks video.  I’m okay with this.  My question is:  If I run the recovery tool as posted in this forum and upgrade to , will the Connect be able to log onto a WiFi network that does not broadcast SSID?


Okay, I’ll reply to my own question.  I developed a “just do it” attitude while waiting for a response. 

YES.  Updating the firmware to the last WiFi version does allow you to SEE and CONNECT to hidden networks. 

I suppose all of you here already knew this, and I figured it was so, but just wanted an answer.

P.S.  the firmware upgrade was super simple by following all the instructions posted here.  Thanks!