I just bought Sansa connect .. I am frustated ..

  1. Thought it was real FM … Was infact the paid internet service which is about to be discontinued …

  2. Came with no CD … (it was unopened though … )

  3. What is zing and how can i get it …

I am frustated … can any one please help me with the zing thing …  

  1. Why did you think it came with FM radio?  Also, you don’t need to pay to receive Yahoo Launchcast streams, and no one knows whether or not Launchcast is going to be discontinued.

  2. As far as I know, the CD only contained the Yahoo Music Jukebox software, which isn’t necessary to use the Connect.

  3. Zing is the company that created the portion of the Connect’s firmware that is responsible for receiving Internet radio streams (in the case of the Connect, these streams are Yahoo Launchcast).  Therefore, it’s already on your Connect.  If you’re referring to the functions on the Connect that lets you download songs over WiFi, you need a Yahoo Music To Go subscription for that, but YMtG is being discontinued later this year … possibly to be replaced by a different service like Rhapsody, though I wouldn’t hold my breath.

I just got my sansa connect as well and am VERY frustrated. You cant use half of the features it has on it because the discontinued the Yahoo thing. If you find out anything more please let me know as well!!

Every time I try to put songs or a movie on my Connect through my Windows XP 2000, Windows Media Player doesn’t read it. Anyone know how to get it to recognize it?:robotindifferent: