I Have Some Serious(ish) News . . .

Back in October/November, I lost my Sansa Fuze v1 (Rockboxed) in our local movie theater.  I was greatly depressed and to this day, I have felt terrible as I never told anybody.

The key words are “to this day.”  Tonight, I was attempting to set up a MIDI keyboard and looked to my left, and hiding in dust and blackness sits my Fuze.  Turns out I had never lost it.  It’s been long dead, so I hunted down a cable and it started halfway through some music I was listening to in October/November.  I can’t tell you how happy I am.

The news is, I am going to finish the long overdue blue version of “Orange Glow,” a theme I made last year.

It’s good to be back.

That’s great news!

And funny too. :smileyvery-happy:

For the 7 months of owning a Zune HD, I have almost forgotten the interface buttons.  Almost.

Turns out, I have a majority of the blue theme done from when I quit, but I never got the radio screen coded.  In fact, it’s still being designed to look asthetically pleasing.

Isn’t it great fun to recover or rediscover things you lost or had forgotten about?   :slight_smile:

Strange how we can get so attached to seemingly trivial possessions, isn’t it?

The problem was, I lost it, and losing things irk me.  A lot.

I moved a bunch of years ago and did a great job in moving with organized and labelled boxes–no just throwing things in. Problem was, I was busy at work and didn’t take a few days off to unpack. I’m still finding things (which actually is kind of neat–it’s like a second life).


Take it a box at a time… or you can make your money work for you. Otherwise, why earn it?



life is just but a series of partings. Better in store 4 u ahead.

Wow.  Goodness.  2 more years without doing so.  Where’s that facepalm smiley? :neutral_face: (imagine a facepalm here)

Okay.  To the updates!

So I made Orange Glow 3 years ago.  I’ve been wanting to update it, but I just never had the time or whatever.

I’ve finally done it.  Orange Glow v2.


The blue shall come tomorrow.

Welcome back! This theme looks good; are they going to be posted on the Rockbox Fuze theme page?

They already are. Orange and Blue.

Yeah.  Go work ethic (albeit not what I should be doing)!™

Oh, yeah, and the blue.


That looks so good! I’ll have to reinstall rockbox back on my fuze and use that theme. Awesome job Saxmaster765!

@mags1230 wrote:
That looks so good! I’ll have to reinstall rockbox back on my fuze and use that theme. Awesome job Saxmaster765!

I agree. Too bad I don’t have my Fuze anymore. :cry:

Thanks, guys. :smiley:

Nicely done Saxmaster. You always seem to amaze everyone else.