I have just received a refirb 8 g...are there issues I should look for?

Are there any issues I should be concerned about as I  have 30 days to test out this player  as a refirb…

Many refurbs work fine. Some don’t. But there’s no problem particular to refurbs.

First thing I’d do is update the firmware. Don’t install the updater–this is the last firmware. Use the manual method–download the All Regions link for v1 or v2 (your Settings/System Settings/Info will tell you which version), unzip it, copy FuzeA.bin onto the unit, disconnect and let it update.


Then try doing every function. Copy files onto internal memory and onto a card in the card slot, and copy them back onto the computer. Listen to FM radio. Make a voice recording. Go out on a walk listening to music (to make sure there’s not some loose connection.) Play music from both the internal memory and the card.

If you’re going to use video, get Video4Fuze and put a video on the unit.


Just like you’d test any new unit.