I guess I have to send it back?

Just a quick post here. Hopefully I can get this cleared up by Monday. If not I suppose Ill return it to Amazon. Here are the issues I am having so far… Some very minor, some very major.

Songs are not played in the order recorded on the original Album. This poses a huge problem for many albums, Take Pink Floyd, The Wall, for example. Out of order it makes no sense, and cuts songs off hard due to them bleeding over.

Battery life… Fully charged. Played for about an hour. Shut it down. Came back 3 days later and it is on low battery. This was for sure shut down.

Charging. If the player is plugged in, it is on. Period. I plug it in, shut it off, and it comes right back on. I shut it off, plug it in, and it comes back on. When it comes on, it goes right back to playing music. Nothing I have done so far can resolve this.

Volume. Not a big deal. However… Whatever volume you hut it off on, its stays there when you turn it back on. This is an issue for my system. If I am playing it through the house speakers, the volume is set MUCH higher than when I use headphones. Imgine my start when I plugged my headphones in… It was kinda funny actually.

One that for sure cant really be helped. This is a sport version. I am using it partly for that. The buttons are so sensitve though, that if you have it clipped on to you, even the slightest touch causes the player to react. Try lifting weights without sending your player unintended commands, nearly impossible with this one. I wish it could lock out or something.

If anything comes up again during the weekend here, I will report it. So far, not super happy with this one. Though, for the price it does hold alot of data.



About the songs order, try editing the tags in a way that the track number shows in the title so for example for The Wall it shows “01 In the flash?” “02 The Thin Ice” and so on. It’s annoying but for the moment it’s the only way to make it work. 

About the battery, I can’t say. Maybe like with others batteries after a couple of cycles of charging and discharging, its life will improve…

About the turning back and at the same volume, it’s the same thing that would happen with my ipod so, at least for me it’s not a major issue. The going back directly to playing music, yes, it’s a bit annoying. I don’t mind it starts right where I turn it off but I would prefer it waited me for me to press “play”.

For the lock issue, there is another thread about it, and we all hope it will be solved with the next firmware. 

Yea, I have been reading here about others issues. I think Ill hold onto it, and hope for a patch that deals with the orders of songs. Tagging them would be a pain in the butt, but I may try that. The rest I can live with. Ill keep reading here for hopefull updates on this.

It’s been reported to SanDisk–hopefully, to be fixed?