I got it charged, but it won't make music --

Well, after much pondering and struggle (cybertechnology is not my strong suit) I got the Clip fully charged and loaded with music – but it won’t play it.  Won’t play on FM. either.  All I get in either mode is a steady tick-tick-tick, even though the visuals show that music is playing.  To make it worse,it played briefly last night, before the battery got too low.  I know it’s not the earphones, because the same thing happens when I plug in my computer speakers.

So is there a simple fix, one that a reasonably savvy person should have known, or do I need to go back to Best Buy?

Thanks for any input.

If it’s not too much trouble, I think the best bet is going back to BestBuy and then try it there because out of the box, you should have some preloaded music that you could try listening to…If right at the site, it works fine then it should be okay. 

and you did the hard reset, format etc?.. still, clix in things aint good, try the cpl simple things then return. dont spend more than cpl min on it

I went back to Best Buy, exchanged it, charged the new one, loaded it and . . . . IT WORKS.  Like it’s sposed to.  Now my daughter has disappeared into her room, listening to the Hairspray soundtrack (and some Beatles stuff I snuck on it).  I suspect a new chapter has opened for her.  And us.

Thanks for the input.  I learned a lot about a lot, even though the real problem turned out to be something beyond fixing.

And what a good dad, to sneak some good music onto her player as well …