I got a question regarding audio output.

Is there any computer program that can run on a 3 ghz p4 or older that can show the output of the separate two channels of a dap/pmp? and if so what would i need to run it?

Sure, there are plenty of oscilloscope devices available, even USB capable DSOs out there. 

I’m old school, preferring a tasty B & K, a Tektronix, as there are plenty of scopes out there- you’ll find that many PC-based scopes are overpriced, so don’t rule out an oldie but goodie.

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And what is the exact model of that particular one>?

Check it out.  Like I mentioned, there are plenty of options for PC based DSOs.  The disappointing side of it is the price.  If one is using the USB port to feed the output of a scope, the device itself need not be very costly.  Logically, we’re looking at a little multimeter. 

Apparently, as you’ll see, many companies attach a large price to this concept.  I would build a device with BNC scope probe inputs, no controls on the device, everything else on the PC.  Just decent signal capture, analog-to-digital.

The alternative is old school.  Oscilloscopes are readily available, even remanufactured or used machines are available.

You’ll find that pinning one particular device down is difficult, as the type of scope you choose is based upon the needed bandwidth, the type of signal, and whether being tethered to a computer is a problem.

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