I got a defective product. But the customer care executive saying they will not replace my device.

I got a defective device.

My problem is when I copy a large file, till 30% its copying quickly around 15mbps. Then the speed goes down to 5mbps.

Why should I spend so much money to buy a 3.0 pendrive when the speed is just 5mbps.

When I contacted customer care, they asked me to run Crystal Disk Mark test.

In this test, they usually copy only specific part and then shows a higher speed.

Where as my problem starts even after copying 30% of a 1gb file.

What can we do next?

What is the purpose of giving warranty? Why can’t you accept they accept the device is defective?

Any other solutions?

sandisc performance issue.png

if you have one of the ultra line drives it is not really defective. They have buffers that will increase the write speed however if the file being transferred is larger than the buffer the speed will slow down once the buffer is exhausted. this is not a defect it is the design on the drive. 

If you are looking for a write performance drive i would suggest looking at the extreme line of drives.