I formatted 4GB MicroSD HC on windows, and now it doesn't work/NOKIA 5230

I have a nokia 5230 mobile.

I wanted to put files on it via my usb, it asked if format, idk why but i clicked yes or something.

Now it always asks if i want to format, if i format , it asks again and again, and the mobile wont recognize it, says memory stick unavailable,(doesnt show its in) but when i take it out of mobile, mobile screen still lights up so it does recognize it.

But i cant see files, even if its in and i send files via bluetooth(PC) on my mobile it saves on mobile memory.

I have the adapter and it doesnt work either, still asks if i want to format. could you help please?

Post multiple options please , because i have tried some things.

I tried accessing with my Internet stick(the thing u put in usb and it creates internet(not wifi)) it has an memory stick hole , but it doesn’t work either.

by the way, it worked for like 3-6 months before that.

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