I Formated my Clip and it wont turn up.


I Pluged in my device to the computer and then i formated it from the computer!


when i try to get in to the Device DataBase it says to me : Please Plugin a Device to (:G)

But to windows found the device and it work fine before i formated it!!!

and when i tried to turn it up it says

“Not enough space for music Database. Please Free 30MB.”

Help Please

Hi sahar, i think the problem was in incorrect formating

have you tried to format te Clipe again ?

If so, then try to update the firmware

(turn off the Clip, push switch button in hold possition, press but don’t release center button, connect clip to your machine and drug-n-drop fw file into the root of Clip)

Fw File?


I wish i could… but i try to enter the Sansa it says that it need to be Formated00…