I don't know what just happened..

Okay so, I have the 2GB e250 model and something really odd just happened.

Okay so today everything started normally. I tried to put a new song on it and the song wouldn’t show up on the SanDisk.

I deleted it and tried it again and this when everything went all wonky:

I scrolled through my artist list and couldn’t find it so I checked the ‘unknown artist’ folder, which held 3 files.

All my songs were in there. The files, for some reason all copied themselves into the unknown artist folder AND their original folder.

And a few of them tripled and changed their format from .mp3 to .wma

I checked it on the computer and everything is where its supposed to be.

I have NO IDEA what just happened. In the original folders the songs are playable but its still kind of annoying.

I would format it (which will clear and optimize the memory) and re-load your content.

But before you re-transfer those ‘3 files’ that were listed under “Unknown”, better check the ID3 tags. This is where your player will list anything it cannot read and ID3 tags are where it gets the information to display, not from the file name.