I don't know if this the right place to ask this.

But are micro SD cards good for data storage?


Keep in mind that it doesn’t hold a lot of data like traditional disk drives. 

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Keep in mind that it doesn’t hold a lot of data like traditional disk drives. 

What? :confounded:

Micro SD cards are now available in up to 128GB. That’s a poop-load of data storage.

But, of course, one pays for the solîd-state privilege, with a 128GB microSD card going for the price of a 2TB portable external hard drive. 

They are excellent.

And with a adapter–they fit stanadard SD.

Do you mean long term data storage? with any backup medium, it is suggested to make more than one backup for important data. some have suggested than ideally cards should be placed in a device or reader that is then turned on at least once every 6 months to reenergize the card. I don’t know how necessary this is, and how likely a problem with the data becomes if the card isn’t energized for a few years. I would also like to see data on card errors comparing micro cards to full size cards. Are micro cards and full sized cards cards by the same manufacturer with the same capacity and the same data rates equally reliable, or are full sized cards perhaps more reliable? I read articles that reliability depends on the number of bits per cell, and that  expensive cards with just one bit per cell are the most reliable, and will last for the longest number of write cycles. 


Yes they are good.

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Yes they are good.

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