I can't read my music files on my Home Cinema

Hello ! I have a Samsung Home Theatre HT C5200 with a USB Host port from which I connected my Sansa Fuze MP4. The Home Cinema recognizes my Sansa Fuze but “Music”, “Photos”, "Audiobooks ",… folders are empty ! Should I reorganize my files and subfolders from Sansa Fuze ?

Try an experiment. Go into Settings/System Settings/USB Mode and change it to MSC. Then connect the Fuze to your computer and drag over an album into the Music folder.

Then see if your Samsung finds that album.

If it does, you have some moving around to do. You need to go back to your previous USB Mode, probably MTP, and take the files off the Fuze, and then put them on again via MSC. (Meanwhile, the Fuze will now show two copies of the album because it sees both the MSC and MTP copies.)

The Fuze makes two different types of USB connection–MTP, which is designed to work with Windows Media Player, and MSC, which makes the Fuze look like a standard USB drive to your computer. When you connect the Fuze to a computer or something like your Samsung, that device can only see files from one mode or the other, not both. So if you sent your music over via MTP, and the Samsung is looking for an MSC connection, the Samsung won’t  see your files.  You’re going to have to take the music off and drag-and-drop it over via MSC mode.

Why have MTP at all? Because MTP allows Windows Media Player to send over the codes that unlock copy-protected files, like songs bought from subscription services, or albums ripped by the default setting of Windows Media Player, which is .wma files with copy-protection. The idea is that you can copy them but they don’t want those copies getting any further. Totally anti-consumer and a real pain.

So depending on your files, the Samsung may be able to find them but not play them. You’ll have to see. what happens with the album you send via MSC. I hope you have .mp3 files–they should play with no problems once the Samsung finds them.