I can't get the SD card to stay in the drive

SanDisk Media Drive

This is my second SanDisk Media drive. I returned the first one with the same problem this one is experiencing. It makes me wonder if I’m not doing something right?

I remove the plastic placeholder disk (above) and insert the SD disk, but cannot get the disk to stay in the drive. It keeps popping back out.

Every SD drive I’ve seen has a feature where you push in the disk until it clicks and stays in place. When you want to remove it, you push the disk in slightly and it pops out. Neither of the two SanDisk Wireless Media Drives do that, and I have to hold the disk in with a sturdy rubber band to transfer files.

You’re not pushing the card in far enough to engage the locking mechanism. I found I have to use a finger or thumbnail to push it in farther than the outer drive casing in order to get it to latch.

Yes, I have to use a fingernail to push far enough to engage, too.