I can't drag and drop files on my Sansa Clip+

I have a Clip+ that I haven’t used in a while. Yesterday I tried dragging MP3 files on it (128kbps) and the transfer would fail to complete. I tried re-formatting and then  firmware update and that didn’t fix it. I also tried using another PC. Any ideas?

Never mind. I tried using one of the USB ports on the back of the PC and now it wroks fine. It figures that after I pulled my hair out enough on my own and finally came here I figure out a solution.

Think of it this way: the solution never would have come out but for all of that (welcome to my world as well!). :wink:

If you disassemble the average desktop PC, you’ll see why those convenient ports on the front of some don’t work very well, when it comed to providing enough current to charge a portaable device.

The wee cables are pretty sad, often as thin as 24 gauge wire!  In addition, it’s common to see very long runs with a very light header connector on the main circuit board.

Technically, a USB2.0 port should be capable of providing 500 milliamperes of current, not easily done with such fine leads.  When the device is first plugged in, it wants to charge up the internal battery, and this begins with the high charge rate.  Something like a basic USB memory “stick” is fine on these ports, as these draw a fraction of the power that a hungry pleyer does.

I have found that a handy half-meter or 1m USB-MiniB cable, left connected to one of the rear ports, is a better solution.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: