I can't drag and drop any folder

Hi everyone

I hope you can help me with this.

I can’t drag and drop any folder !!!

when I started to place all my stuff into my sandisk usb flashdrive,  everything worked (very slowly but i did), and now, i try to add folders into my sandisk usb flash drive by dragging and dropping folders (the way i did the first time) but it doesn’t work, it only allows me to add files. I need folders and files to be added

Can someone help me??

Thank you

nobody seems to be participating or even care in these sandisk formus…

@takiak wrote:

nobody seems to be participating or even care in these sandisk formus…

As much as I empathize with your frustration, you have to realize this is a user’s forum, not an venue for official tech support. If there is no response to a question, it would mean that no one has an answer or feels comfortable making suggestions on something they know nothing about, not that they don’t care.

There is much more activity on the mp3 player boards, where less technical questions are generally asked. For any questions that don’t recieve a response, especially those concerned with flash drives, applications (like Secure Access) or SSD’s, I’d encourge anyone to call SanDisk Tech Support directly. That is after all, what the service reps get paid to do, and they should have training and experience with which to help people in these matters.

You can find a global listing of SanDisk Customer Service/Tech Support contact phone numbers by clicking on this link: