I can't believe it: My Clip is not working at all

I use the same nickname here and in the ABI forums, if you read my posts you can tell I’m a Clip lover and defender. I have a 1 GB and a 2 GB both about four month old and hadn’t had big problems… until yesterday. My 2 GB stopped communicating with the PC and is not even charging, so is headed to death.

I tried everything that’s in the forums, in this order: 

  1. New USB port (nothing
  2. New USB cable (nothing)
  3. Check these ports and cables are working with the other Clip (yes, they are)
  4.  15 second reset (nothing)
  5. Try in MTP(nothing)
  6. Try to reinstall FW with hold and center button to connect (nothing)
  7. Move connector and see (nothing)
  8. Leave connected for a while (just discharge)
  9. Format before lose all charge (still not connecting / charging)
  10. Compare pins between both clips (look the same)
  11. Try in  a different PC (nothing)

So I think there’s nothing left to do myself. My big problem is that I’m in Venezuela, I got the Clip through a quite difficult (but absolutely legal) process from USA. Am I still able to get a warranty return in any way? My other problem is that my “phone English” is not very good, I lost many words, so I would like to make the process by email. Is that possible?

I’m really sad because I really love the product (I even wrote a big review in a Spanish site  link here) so I would appreciate all your help.

Exchange it for another one, and see if this sclip is the same.

I don’t understand your advice, GeForce…please, explain

you should be able to send a support request to support@sandisk.com. if your player is dead they will replace it for you.

I sent the email three days ago explaining everything and still not an answer. Has anybody here used this email and got an answer?

The basic email system takes a few days for a reply.  Have you registered your device with SanDisk via the link in the upper left of the screen here?  Just click on the logo, and navigate to support to register your Sansa.

The eBox system works much faster than email.

Bob  :wink: