I can't believe I never noticed this before...

The Sansa “flower” (the odd four-lobed graphic on the startup screen of many newer Sandisk players) is actually just the word “sansa”. The upper-left part is a stylized “s”, the upper-right is an “a”, the dark “negative space” in the middle is an “n”, and the bottom two are another “s” and “a”.:dizzy_face:

I don’t have a fuze+, but if I did, I probably wouldn’t have noticed the new logo either.  Once I see that the player has started up, I don’t sit and watch the graphics as it powers up anymore.

My youngest daughter figuerd it out the very first time she saw it.  Looking at the typeface of the sansa logo was my first clue.  It’s pretty clever, actually, as the letters have a unique shape relationship that’s employed in the logo.

Bob  :stuck_out_tongue:

Its been in the usual routine to start up that is why I cannot notice that one.  Our concern is after the start up when we can have our way with our computer and programs