I Can only hear my videos.

Help, I have a problem watching the videos, I know the video is runnning because I can hear the content but I can’t see the video.

Which Mp3 player are you using. And what version of the SMC do you have?

Which Mp3 player are you using. And what version of the SMC do you have?

I have the Sansa E280, I don’t know what SMC I have. How do I look that up? I found 2 options in the Mode…Rhapsody and Plaforsure, I chose Playfosure.

You can find the version of SMC by clicking on that little box with lines near the upper right of the player and selecting help, then about SMC

I had my view do this actually, it also replaced all my photos when selected with a generic playlist icon and pretended like it was playing music and for videos it played all my videos in a playlist like an album with generic album art. I went back and forth with a tech for a while on this and got the firmware update on the view for it. That didn’t fix it, hitting the Reset to Factory Defaults button in the options fixed videos for me however. So if you continue to have this problem, give that a shot, it doesn’t erase your library, just resets your options. From what I understand most of the sansas have a similar firmware, especially the e200 vs. View.

i had the same problem u have to go to the the settings/options then go to display and make sure its not pal make sure the tv mode is in ntsc

Also if you have a View and only hear the video that you’re playing, select the reset all function due to changing your video output from NTSC to PAL or other way around doens’t always work