Here is a case of MLA design:

EasyBib APA Reviews “One beneficial thing about music, when it hits you feel no torment” (Marley).

Notice that the period is outwardly of the brackets, not toward the finish of the statement itself.

In case you’re searching for extra help with your accentuation or sentence structure, look at our unoriginality checkerTruncations Truncations are usually utilized in many source types including sites, blog entries, books, and diary articles. It is satisfactory to utilize shortenings in these sources. With regards to class and research assignments in any case, the Modern Language Association inclines toward contractions to once in a while be utilized. Spelling out truncations into their full words and significance is suggested. This guarantees understanding and keeps away from any perplexity. Rather than going over uneven shortenings, perusers can pursue the common stream of the dialect in the paper.