HP Z820 - SSDDashBoard cannot see the drive

I have just bought & installed a 960Gb drive attached to the SATA III connections on the HP Z820 motherboard.  The windows 10 disk manager sees the drive, I am able to use it to great effect but the DashBoard software will not recognise the drive.

Any clues, please?

Is the drive being recognized in device manager as a SCSI device? This happens with some SATA drivers/Chipsets and the dashboard has some issues detecting drives recognized as SCSI devices. 

Yes, it shows as a SCSI drive.  Does that mean I can’t use the features of the Dashboard ?

unfortunately yes. You could try updating the SATA drive and see if you can get it to show as a normal SATA drive but it it is SCSI the dashbaord will not be able to see it. 

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