HI,  I bought a SanDisk Cruzer 2.0 flash drive (16gb) to back up all my photos from the Picassa program in my computer…I have a Dell computer with WIndows Vista, Home edition.

I am so computer illiterat (can’t even spell it right!!) I plugged in the flash drive…nothing happened. I thought something would appear on the screen… Am I missing a major “DUH” step?

Thanks for your help! Katydid

I don’t think so.  Unless the Cruzer was an older model with U3 or with SansDisk Backup it’s just another drive letter to which you can copy files to.

Do make sure you use the Windows Safe Remove icon in the Taskbar next to the clock to remove the USB device when you’re done using it. 

I am having the same problem withmy Cruzer.  I can not it being recognized by my laptop anywhere!!!   I have an HP and am runnign Vista.    Its not being listed as a drive and there is nothing  in the taskbar by the clock.  HELP!  I dont want to lose my picures and music again!  I need to back up soon!