How well does the full body invisible shield fit on the Fuze?

The fuze seems to have round surfaces, so how does the full body invisible shield fit?

The one from

I’m debating between the screen shield vs the full body

I did the screen only.  it is absolutely fine.  The rest of the front surface is pretty durable and if it get’s a few micro nicks over the course of  a couple of years, that’s not a big deal to me.


Make sure you have your entire area and hands CLEAN when installing.  You do NOT want micro-specs of hair or debris getting between the screen and the “shield”.  It helps to have good light too. Obviously it’s rather “invisible” so it is tricky to align the edges of the thing perfectly with the edges of the screen. When you start installing it you’re going to need to move fast.


Also, the “shield” membrane has a paper peel-off backer…like a sticker.  That’s the adhesive side.  Keep track of that side once the paper backer is off!  It’s not really “sticky” and it’s impossible to tell the correct side to install against your Fuze screen if you forget!  Keep in mind that after the paper backer is separated, if you have to set it down for a minute do NOT put the membrane down with the adhesive side down; it will attract debris and dust.  They provide a little kit with a spray bottle of liquid to aid the process.  It may be just distilled water for all I know- but you need to spray both sides of the membrane.  The instructions are fairly good but just keep in mind the info above.  Fist time can tend to be a “learning experience” as they say.:wink:


As they say in the instructions, if there are some micro bubbles or imperfections after you squeegee it out, wait until the next day before you get too worried; the imperfections have a way of ironing themselves out.

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I bought a simillar ‘shield’ for my fuze and I’m very happy. I only applied it to the screen, however.

Yeah I’m gonna go with the screen coverage only then.  I think it would be a hassle to put on the full body.