How to Use a USB Drive to Lock Your PC

How to Use a USB Drive to Lock Your PC

The most common way to lock your Windows workstation is to click “Start” and “Log Off” so that no one can use your PC while you’re not around. Another way to accomplish this task has surfaced–a method that is both faster and more high-tech. Several applications allow you to use your USB flash drive as a “key” of sorts. Removing the “key” will automatically lock your workstation. Reinserting it will bring your computer back to life.

Open your web browser and navigate to the website of a software developer that provides software to create USB flash drive keys (see Resources). Download and install the application by following the step-by-step instructions.

Insert your USB flash drive when prompted and click “OK.”

3.Click “Create Key” to turn your USB flash drive into a USB key that locks your workstation upon removal. Create a password for your USB flash key and click “OK” when finished.

Restart your USB key software when it closes. The software will now monitor your USB flash key. If the key is removed, your workstation will lock until the key is reinserted.

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