how to us MP3 Player

I just got a 1 GB SanDisk Sansa and I can’t seem to turn it off.  The battery is running down and I can’t figure out how to recharge it   Helpless Den

May I ask what is the exact model of your device and are you using a triple AAA battery for it or do you have a cable that you can connect it on your computer, kindly check for the model of your player at the back. :wink:

Thanks for replying to my message.   I have a Sansa Fuze 4GB MP3 Player.   I recharge it by cable to my computer.  This device came from Froobi without any user manual.   I have not used an MP3 player before use it has been a challenge

Thanks for any help you can give a neophyte like me.


Yes you can charge the player by connecting it to the computer using the cable and you can charge it for 3 to 4 hours,

you can turn off the device by holding the ON OFF switch at the side upward for 5 seconds and it will turn OFF, you can try to visit this link for the user manual for your sansa Fuze.

Hope this helps.:wink: 

Should have posted this on the Sansa Fuze section so that others using this same mp3 player can share their thoughts about it.

In additon to this Dennis you can also check the message thread under Sansa fuze section in this forums, there are information there that would help you with inregards with your sansa fuze and I hope my last reply with be of help to you. :wink: