How to transfer data from samsung to iphone

Every year there will be new mobile phones, the birth of new mobile phones will attract many users to come to buy. But, with the new mobile phone, they often encounter a headache problem, that is, how to transfer the content of the old mobile phone to the new phone.

There are many ways to transfer data, for example, I save the old mobile phone data on the computer, and then upload it to the new mobile phone from the computer. During the process, you also miss some data, and the operation process is tedious. And you also have an important question, can the data between systems be shifted? Yes, but you need to go through some very complicated steps. However, the Mobile Trans program, it can help you to omit the tedious steps of data transfer, the guide to it, you can easily transfer the key data, and more simple and safe, ensure you transfer data integrity. What’s important is that it can move between  Android, IOS, Symbian, blackberry.  And it’s fast enough to complete all transfers in less than 3 minutes.

Mobile Trans is a perfect match with smartphones and tablets. It is also fully compatible with major providers such as at & T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile. And it also has the functions of  Restore from backups  and  Backup Your Phone.

The following is the  Mobile Trans  operation guidelines, you can refer to, if necessary, you can download  free  trial.