How to transfer all data from phone to phone

If you want to transfer data from one cell phone to another, you can save your phone data on your computer, and then upload it from your computer to another phone. During the process, you may miss some data, and the operation will be tedious. And you’ll also have a problem, is that the data between different systems can be transferred? Yes, but you need to go through some very complicated steps.

However, the Mobile Trans program, which can help you skip the data transfer cumbersome steps, click on one click, you can complete the data transfer to another mobile phone. The operation is simpler and safer, and it ensures the integrity of your data transfer. What’s important is that it can move between Android, IOS, Symbian, blackberry. And it’s very fast, and it takes less than 3 minutes to complete all the data transfer.

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Mobile Trans is a perfect match with smartphones and tablets. It is also fully compatible with major providers such as AT & T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile. And it also has the functions of Restore from backups and Backup Your Phone.

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The following is the Mobile Trans recovery guidelines, you can refer to, if necessary, you can download free trial.