How to synch SanDisk m230 with Rhapsody

We have a SanDisk m230 mp3 player that was loaded months ago from Rhapsody, but was ignored for several months.  Now we would like to play the songs that were downloaded.  But it’s in Pause mode and telling us to synch.  But it won’t synch.  I tried the many “solutions” from various web forums with no success.  I see the songs on on the player, appearing in the Rhapsody window for the player.  I plug it into my computer, bring up and log into Rhapsody, then tell it to refresh the licenses.  It appears to do so, but the player is still locked.  What am I missing.  I find it rather strange that the player uses the term “synch” but neither the SanDisk nor the Rhapsody documentation recognize this word.  What am I missing?