How to stop WMP from loading EVERYTHING in the Fuze

This is giving me fits…Nuetron Bob had a post about how to stop this, but I still can’t get Windows Media Player to just STOP! I’ll get my list just right and when I try to load in just one song, it automatically starts loading everything in. AAAARG!

Set Windows Media Player up for ‘Manual’ Sync rather than ‘Automatic’. Open WMP and go to TOOLS, OPTIONS, & click on the DEVICES tab. Connect your player in MTP mode. Highlight your player and click on PROPERTIES. Un-check the box for ‘Start sync when device connects’. Now click on the SETTINGS… button and check the button for MANUAL rather than AUTOMATIC sync.

Better yet, quit screwing around with it all together and use MSC mode drag & drop! This way, YOU (and ONLY YOU) control what goes on and doesn’t go on your player! :wink:

Thank you.