How to stop the automatic backup?

I want to manually copy files from phone to iExpand. Is this possible and why do I even have to go to a Forum to find the answer to this one? I do not want the automated backup as it changes all the names of the files to gibberish… I want my files to keep the names I give them. 

Any insight would be greatly appreciated…

to stop auto backup from the main menu of the iXpand Drive app select Backup and restore > Backup and restore photo library and toggle the auto backup to the left.

once that is done to manually transfer files from the main iXpand Drive app menu select Copy Files > Copy files from phone then select the files you want to transfer and select a destination. 

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Thank you so much. That worked. I prefer to have control… Thanks for the speedy answer. Happy now!

Also I wish to thank you. I am very busy these days and get frustrated that I have to spend more than the required time to find settings on apps. Setting belongs in settings (getting the hint up there) no where else. It has become very common now to have settings outside the traditional setting layer of an app. I just finished a seminar on Lean ‘Draw me a big fish’ comes to mind. Thank you for a very good set of instruction. Short and effective.